I am Blessed to be in your presence.

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Out in Space



It is my pleasure

It is highly recommended 

To have you  

Meet Bea at

Your darkest hour


How can I think 

I’m beautiful

In a part of society 

That lies and says my skin is a burden. 

Skin skin skin like like

Skin skin skin skin lie

Black black black black.


I played the lottery today I wish I hadn’t
Repeating all the losses

Lucked out, forgotten,
Cursed by the sins

Of my
Family tree.

What space is there for me?

You Big Dummy 

You got pregnant by a 23 year old. 

You’re 35. Now your pussy grows mold. 

Cold, Bold, your MAn said your pussy smell


Me. Respect? You?

They can’t make dumb bitches like you. 

The can’t create dumb bitches 

Like you

Bitch I could never like you. 


Some Times I Feel the world crumbling below me and I can’t help but to cave in…

Lonely with the world around

People reach out their hands , turn to dust with

Hand chapped dry.

I feel my tears, 

 Will you ever open your heart to me?




Cruel Summer Song by Beatrix

Cruel Summer