I am Blessed to be in your presence.


Artist Statement:

I love to delve into the connections we all share as humans. I also love to dissect the differences between us that cannot be overlooked. I do this exploration through arts based storytelling and ethnography. My process begins with interviewing individuals and then creating art as a way to reflect upon those interviews.

These reflections are in the form of audio interviews, paintings, drawings, photography and digital art. When interviewing another person, my goal is to collaboratively tell a story that is uniquely their own. Art is the bridge between my understanding of their story and their own words and experiences.

 My practice translates into a visual representation of the feeling and aura of the individual I am interviewing. My practice can help audiences visually connect with the interviewee and co-artist. As I grow as an artist, I hope use my work to tell stories that are not always heard in the mainstream media. As an artist and queer woman of color, it is refreshing and also very necessary that the stories of people of color/queer people of color/ and all people of color are told creatively and with love and consideration. Many of the negative stereotypes and histories affect people of color in a multitude of ways, especially their own personal narratives. 

By working with other people of color to tell their own story, talk about their communities, histories, and realities, I hope to work collaboratively to open up conversation about what it means to be a person of color.

I want to highlight positive and affirming representation and narratives of people of color, and shift form a singular narrative that is reinforced by the media, history books, and society, to one that is multifaceted and appreciates people of color as individuals.

Happy Birthday To ME !

If you wanna ride, don’t ride the white horse.


30 and Dirty.

This week I turned 30. It is such a monumental thing. It was truly a beautiful experience. Friends and family. Connecting with my cousin and aunt. The crazy part is that we had a limo. Which is something I never imagined. To have a man who loves me and an incredible night.



Summer: Gone too soon!