Owen/Anime inspired digital art pieces.

One of my favorite pastimes is watching anime so this project was inspired by my love for anime and my muse Owen (my long haired cat).I did a series of Owen styled like my favorite anime characters with Procreate and help from my cat Owen. Each piece took about a day and took about 2-3 weeks to complete.

Vegeta: Dragonball- Z |Kurama: YuYuHakushow| Alucard : Castlevania
All Might: BHNA| Deku and Kachaan:BHNA| Edward Elric: FullMetal Alchemist| Inuyasha : Inuyasha |Shinji : Neon Genesis| Tuxedo Mask: Sailor Moon| Yusake Yurameshi: Yu Yu hakusho |Trevor Belmont: Castlevania Dio: Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure|Sesshomaru: Inuyasha