Part of the Party

Part of the Party examines the experiences of Walter Houston III, a black gay male in a Bondage Discipline SadoMasochisms (BDSM) community in Chicago through written and audio interviews and personal reflections.

Walter and the Whip
“Walter and the Whip”  8.5 x 11″Erica Brooks -Digital Photography

I met with Walter for eight weeks at Touche leather bar and my participant’s home, both on the north side of Chicago.  Each week’s interview was broken down into a different topic each week: including family relationships, race, sexuality, BDSM history and community. At the end of every week of interviews, I created paintings, drawings, digital art, and digital photos as a way to reflect.

Closeness copy

Men Working copy

Play Time

puppy play


Cigar copy

Family First copy

Love copy 2

PlayisnotCasual copy

Toolsand Flowers copy 2

We Represent More copy

Digital Art


January 27th: Exhibition at The Leather Archives

My work in a clients home