Simpsons Wave is a collection of iconic Simpsons imagery. My work uses vibrant pastel coloring to show some of my favorite moments. Each piece is inspired by the ‘Simpsons Wave’ and ‘Boot Leg Bart’  trends that combine Simpsons and various interpretations of the phenomenon that is The Simpsons.

Email through my contact page to ask about custom pieces! Each Piece is custom made.


                “Barney” 14′ x 17′ sold.
“Hoes is laughing” 14′ x 17′ $150
“Grandpa” 14′ x 17′ $150
I Bring You Peace ” $150 14′ x 17′
“Faded” 14′ x 17′ $150
“In his kiss” 3″ x 4″ $300
” Bart Trill” 3″ x 4″ $300
“Homer Jay” 3″ x 4″ $300
“Marge in Charge” 3″ x 4″ $300
” Crusin” 3″x 4″ $300
“Homer Jay” 3″ x 4″ $300

            Simpson Wave: The Exhibition

Simpsons Wave was possible with the generous donation of space by ARC Gallery. Simpsons Wave happened on August 19, 2017 and featured my interpretation of the Simpsons. All of the works are made with Sumi-e Ink and pastels. I made the work with intent to do this exhibition. I pushed myself to make one work for 15 days straight.

The night was a success! All of the gallery set up and planning was created by me. I am extremely proud of my ability to come up with the concept, hanging, and advertisement for the show! On August 19th, 2016, I said I would be a professional artist and look at me now. SPECIAL THANKS TO: Michael Kostal Chandler Taylor ARC Gallery and The Simpsons

There are still works available for sale!!!!!!!!!!!